World Cup Soccer

Jun, 2006

Thailand has gone soccer mad. The TV stations and their sponsors have successfully (and cynically, I might add) turned this world cup into a 'must watch' phenomenon. Everyone's talking about it and so no one wants to be felt left out. There's been a collective nationwide brainwash. 

I don't care much for soccer, but Wa will be watching and I'll be forced to watch with her. She's never kicked a ball in her life (except once, when she kicked mine in her sleep), but she's crazy about soccer.

I'll stock up on cheap beer so I don't have to pay too much attention to the games. Yay! GO Ronaldo! (whoever the hell he is).

She's actually thinking of buying a big screen TV to enjoy the matches. I'd much rather buy a dishwasher, 'cause at the moment, I'm the dish washer.


We're extending the house. I don't know why. We can't even keep the space that we now have neat and tidy; now we'll just have more space to be messy in. If messiness were a living entity, we'd have the happiest mess on the planet, 'cause ours never gets disciplined.

Of course, Wa's doing this extension on the cheap, so it may collapse. Hopefully, we're out when that happens and it just collapses on the big screen TV. Hey, I'm starting to see the upside of this already.

Wish me luck!

Update, June 2008:
Well, the extension’s done, and, as I’d expected, various issues related to bad workmanship are cropping up from time to time. Little things like, if you place a marble on the floor at one end, it rolls to the other by force of gravity.

Wa and I swear at the builder everytime an issue crops up, like a wall tile suddenly falling off. We were asked last week by an acquaintance who wants to extend his house whether we knew a builder. We said we did, but had forgotten his name as we’d been calling him “bastard” for the last two years.

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