All Your Data Is Belong To Us

Mar, 2007

I keep getting requests from people I know who want to update their records about my contact details. Fine. Except it's now all done over the web and I hate filling in personal details at websites that are collecting data like mad.

Even when I ignore these requests, my friends are filling in god knows what details about me in their web-based 'personal' online address book. An address book that in reality belongs to a corporation. Once (as it must surely happen) all this disparate data gets owned by
Google/MSN/AOL/Yahoo/Amazon (or any combination thereof after the inevitable M&A’s) and is cross-referenced, these guys will know a hell of a lot about you and me and our friends and relatives and where we live and what we do and our likes and dislikes. 

When I try to explain to people how uncool this is, they just look at me funny like I'm some kinda luddite. Just like you might be (virtually) lookin' at me now.

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