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Apr, 2007

It was suggested to me that I should write a book. I thought about this seriously for about three seconds and it hurt my head. It just seems like too much work and besides, I’d need some talent too, though lack of talent hasn’t stopped other writers.

So it’s just that writing involves work is where the problem lies. Hmm..maybe I could outsource to some guys in India:

"Hello, do you accept outsourcing of writing work?"

"Err... yes. I am speaking very good English and having computer just down the road from my house at the cafe of the internets. They—the computer in this cafe—are having word processors which can spelt cheque, so I am—how you say?—GOOD TO GO!"

"Great! Now mosey off and write me a novel, chop-chop!"

So if any of you knows someone that do this, let me know. Better yet, call them for me and get them started on the job. Call me when they’re done. Leave a voicemail if I’m napping and call me back later to see if I got the voicemail.

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