Maan Sze Yue Yee

Feb, 2008

Dear Friends,

While there are Chinese families here in Chiangmai, I don't know any. There are Chinese temples and a Chinese Christian Church. But not much sign of Chinese New Year.

There are some "Happy New Year" signs here and there, but those have been up continuously since before I got here some years ago. And Why not?—a message like that never gets old. Still, it's not like Hong Kong. I miss the festiveness, the genuine feeling of optimism in the air and the numerous, trite but heartfelt good wishes bandied about.

So I'll dress up Abia and Gigi in traditional cheungsams (or close facsimiles of same) and we'll wish each other "Kung Hei Fat Choy" and eat some mooncakes (they sell those year-round here). It's a mashup, I know, but our whole family's a mashup anyway.

I'll wistfully think of all of you and wish you all a trite, but heartfelt "Man Szee Yue Yee"

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