Israeli Military Babes

Aug, 2007

I was sent a link to pics of female members of the Israeli Defense Forces. They’re pretty hot. Sign me up—as chaplain, or sumpin’ Or the laundry room. 

Laundry room? Now that has some positively perverse possibilities—if I were the sort who lingered longingly over ladies' lingerie. BUT I'M NOT that sort. The guy you saw at Victoria's Secret sniffing the merchandise wasn't me. Lots of people look like me. Dustin Hoffman looks like me. So does Tom Cruise...yeah, that's it, it was probably him. Christian Scientist! Now there's and oxymoron!

Anyway, I showed these lovely pics to Wa and she said if I had time to look at these why am I not cleaning up my office. As if there's the remotest connection between the two activities! Don't you hate it when women 'think out of the box'? And she clearly has no idea as to the other stuff I look at.

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