Happy "us" year

"We" are all "us"

This winter, I had the privilege of visits by friends and family from various places, and of all ethnicities and religions.

It was exhausting; I missed thirty straight afternoons of naps.

On the plus side, the experience brought me renowned hope at a time of despairing world events.

The daily gabs reminded me how alike we all are: we love our families, fear the unknown, crave companionship and security, want to worship in peace, and want good health. The fulfillment of such wants need not be achieved by taking anything away from anyone else.

Tribalism was once ascendant but Civilization and growing enlightenment is nudging us ever closer to mutual respect and the humanization of those who are "not like us"—because, under the skin, "they" are no different than "us".

Today, Civilization is measured by how we treat the weakest, and the full realization that there is no "us" or "them" is the guiding light that we are, albeit with some fits and starts, bound to follow.

My wish for the new year is that we, all of us, embrace our shared humanity and move ever closer towards that light, and that we have a safe, rewarding journey.

Happy "us" year, one and all.