Not a Dog's Life

Oct 11, 2004

Sometimes, one just needs a lot of time in which to do nothing. My previous life was a series of urgencies, with little time for reflection. I made decent money, but felt harried, tired, a little angry and unfulfilled.

I moved to Chiangmai because it has good schools for my kids, low cost of living and an unhurried pace of life.

The curious thing about Chiangmai is that here the minutes pass slowly, but the years just fly by.

I’m still working, but it’s a tenth of what I used to do. I’ve had time to recover my sanity and re-discover my inner child. I’ve quite drinking (well, mostly) and no longer drink coffee just because I have to; I drink it if I want to.

Most of all, I have time for my kids and am almost always there for them. I’m there when they’ve got something on their minds they want to talk about, when they’re reading and want a quick word definition, when they’re having an argument they can’t settle, or when they just want someone to play UNO with, watch a movie with or snuggle up against. 

I’m a professional dad who hopes to get a little memento and a heartfelt pat on the back when he retires.

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