Bloodless, Photo-op Coup

Thai Monks stand near a Military truck near Government House

Sep, 2006

I can't speak for how things are like in Bangkok, but just thought you'd like to know how things are here in Chiangmai.

Everything's normal except that BBC and CNN broadcasts are blocked, though not the websites. Most Thai newspaper websites are also online, though at least one outspoken one is blocked.

Just drove the girls to school and turns out the school's closed. Drove them back home. The dogs looked confused. "What! is it three already? How did we miss lunch??"

I suspect the banks will be closed today to prevent any forex exodus, just in case.

While things may be a little tense in Bangkok, the topics being discussed at Chiangmai's most popular web forum for foreigners are these:
Help! Where To Find A Maid/babysitter?
Suv Wndscreen Tint Needs To Be Replaced

Just read a news site that described the situation in Bangkok thusly:

Around the Royal Palace, the streets quickly cleared of tourists, but some vendors hurried to Government House and the United Nations building, where they said they hoped to make some money selling food to the soldiers.

Here's some pics:
--OK, maybe things are not that tense in bangkok after all.

AP Photo: Thais gather to watch as soldiers man a checkpoint in Bangkok, Tuesday, Sept. 19...

--OK, maybe things are not that tense in bangkok after all.

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