Make your own happiness.

Make your own happiness.

Ah! böwakawa

poussé, poussé

From the song, #9 Dream

By John Lennon

According to Lennon, the above foreign-sounding phrase doesn't mean anything; it’s just a phrase that came to him in a dream, and he decided to base a song around it. This reminds me of a scene from the film, Cool Hand Luke where Paul Newman’s character wins a jailhouse poker round with a weak hand. When the losers lament, “but you had nothing!” He replies, “sometimes, ‘nothing’ can be a real cool hand.”

In life, as in poker, we get the cards we get. What matters is how we play the hands we’re dealt.

Lennon made a lovely song out of a meaningless snippet from a dream. 

I wish you the wherewithal to make the best of what you have, and, like Lennon, sing, “🎶Ah! Böwakawa poussè, poussè🎶” and make for yourself a very happy new year.

Warm wishes,

Gaurang Thakkar

Dec., 2023.

You can find Lennon’s song on YouTube or Apple Music: