Kids today…

 I sent this message to my daughter, Gigi:

I was taking a nap, and I had this dream:

Mom & I were walking towards GG’s condo. We saw a man spraying something from a can on to the edges of the condo door.

I cried, “hey what you doing?”

He stopped, aimed the can at me, and sprayed. I blocked the spray with the backpack I was carrying, then threw the backpack at him. He fell to the ground. I jumped on him, held his hand’s behind his back and sat on top of him. Told mom to call security. She then took off his shoes and threw them as far as she could. She pulled down his pants up to his knees, so he couldn’t run.

Someone came out of their room and filmed the whole thing, and put it up on the condo group message board.

Mom and I became famous in the condo.

Then I woke up.

You are welcome, GG. We saved you from, I don’t know…something.

Her response was:

“Thank you?”

Kids today are just barely grateful for all we do for them.

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