Have an apeeling New Year

Here’s a fool quoting himself:

Take a moment to tip the gravel from your shoes, and walk unencumbered by minor irritants. ~GT

As a kid in Mumbai, I had to stay at a hospital for an operation. My mom stayed with me. 

As part of my daily recovery meal, the orderly would bring me a boiled egg. My mom, a vegetarian, had never seen an actual egg, let alone cooked one. It tasted awful and I hated it, but she wanted a quick recovery for me so forced me to eat it. Next day, exasperated at my incessant complaints, she told a nurse that I was being difficult, and begged her to persuade me. The nurse explained to my mom that boiled eggs first needed to be peeled!

After that, I ate them happily, dipped in spicy chutney. 

The lesson here, I guess, is that some things in life are better when excessive layers are removed. 

May you peel off the things in life that irk you, and enjoy the meat of life.

Gaurang Thakkar

December, 2022. 

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