Have a Friendly New Year

The first half of my life was fairly lousy. I won’t bore with the details. But amidst the lousiness, there were bright spots: simple friendships, the joys of which I will take to my grave. And among those bright spots, the brightest of all: one friendship in particular.

His kindness, generosity of spirit, sympathetic ear, and good humor saw me through many a dark day. His family, too, embraced me as one of their own. I never lacked for love. 

On second thought, the first half of my life wasn’t so lousy after all!

I hope all of you have a friend like the one I am fortunate to have. If not, it’s never too late; I for one continue to make wonderful friends even now.

My New Year wish for all of you is an abundance of friendships, good and great.

Happy New Year.

Gaurang Thakkar

Dec, 2020/Jan, 2021

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