On Old Friends

On old friends

It's funny how old friends make you feel young.

I met some old friends today. Friends from forty years ago. People who shaped my life. At first, I couldn't remember some names, and I couldn't remember some faces. As the eventing wore on, and with the help of some wine, it all came flooding back. 

These wonderful people made me who I am. I was the only Indian in a Chinese school, yet, for the most part, and by most of the students, I was embraced as part of the student family.

To my shame, I had forgotten this. Tonight, with hugs and smiles and back-slapping, I was reminded that I am still part of that family. The years melted away, and I was fifteen again. We were all fifteen again. Fifteen and grand parents, some of us.

There is no scent fresher, or younger and more vivacious than the scent of old friends.

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  1. 'silence is golden'. this is not only from the mid-60's song, but also from the bottom of my heart after reading your articles. no words could really express my feelings.
    do you know the chinese version of this? i'll put it is 盡在不言中,or some may say 沉默是金。you read some chinese, don't you.
    the pleasure of reading your articles dated back to 1972. seriously, your article in the 1971 ~ 1972 concordia ~ n.p. nearly ruined my life. for one thing, i nearly turned gay falling in love with you (oh! luckily it was your article that i called 'honey darling'). secondly, i felt so inferior, at least in mastery of english, that i attempted suicide ..... (un)fortunately the gate keeper of heaven (or was it hell?) said, "kid, you still have at least three to four scores of hard labor years to suffer, don't you chicken out and try to sneak in!"
    best regards!